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Cool Breeze Rentals offer a range of Temporary Split System options to suit all applications

The Cool Breeze Rentals range of temporary split systems allow portable cooling to supply jobs with highest of demands. The Porta Temp and PAC 22 water cooled portable slit system air conditioners can be used when hot condenser exhaust air can’t be removed or expelled from an area. They also offer a low operating sound and a slim unobtrusive foot print. The indoor head unit is connected to the outdoor unit via a length of hose which can be increased or decreased in increments of 5 metres up to 25 metres. The outdoor units can also be placed above or below the indoor unit. This allows the cold air to be delivered directly to the area its needed while the hot condenser exhaust air is released outside or to a non critical area. The High Wall Splits are designed for marquee and event applications. They are quiet to operate, look great and dont impede on the internal layout of the structure.

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Wall High Temporary Split Systems

Cool Breeze Rentals offer temporary wall high split system air conditioners for rental / hire. The popular Mitsubishi Electric 7.2kW wall splits come mounted on a sturdy ‘L’ shaped stand to make them look great and blend in neatly to marquee walls with the condenser.

Porta Temp 4500A

Porta Temp 4500A portable air-cooled air conditioner.

Porta Temp 4500W

Powerful split type unit - the Porta temp 4500 is quiet an simple to install.

PAC 22 Split System

The fully contained PAC22 6.5kW portable system has been designed for extreme climate conditions, is self contained and quickly installed.

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