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Excess moisture travels throughout your home, in the same way that cooking odors waft to every room in the house. For this reason, dehumidifiers can be used to fight condensation, mould and dampness.

The DC20ET a portable dehumidifier with a moisture removal capacity of 20 litres per day provides dehumidification which assists in protecting your furniture, previous possessions and decor from the damaging effects of excessive moisture. An added benefit is its three stage air purification system, which consists of; a preliminary washable dust filer, an activated carbon odor absorbent filter and Ultra Violet (UV) light which can destroy bacteria in the air. Portability means the unit is also great for drying the laundry – What a Bonus!

Model DC20ET
Capcity 20 L/day*
Power 240V~10A
FLA 1.7A~370W
Refrigerant R134a
Tank Capacity 5.5 Litres
Compressor Rotary
HxWxD (mm) 545/410/210
Weight 12.5 Kg
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