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Secco Prof Portable Dehumidifier

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The SECCO PROF, a portable dehumidifier with a capacity of 28 litres per day*. Designed and manufactured in Italy by OLIMPIA SPLENDID, this quality product possesses all the quality, style and aesthetic appeal associated with that country. As part of the Professional Dehumdifier range, the SECCO PROF is easy to move around thanks to the wheels, handle and it’s light weight. It is so compact, it can be placed anywhere. With it’s stainless steel body, its robustness makes it particularly suited to comercial/industrial applications; however, its aesthetic appeal does not put it out of place in a domestic environment.

Fitted with multi-level humidity level sensors, a 10 litre capacity collection tank and defrost mechanisms that ensure maximum efficiency even at low temperature. The SECCO PROF’s hiehgh performance makes it particularly suitable for operation in museums, galleries and freshly painted areas that require rapid drying or just general dehumidification.

*rated at 32 degrees celcius @ 80 %RH.


Model: Secco Ultra
Capacity (l/d): 38 litres per day
Built-in Water Collection/Humidistat
Voltage (volts): 240
Current (amps): 10
Height (mm): 855
Width (mm): 560
Depth (mm): 430
Weight (kg): 30 kg
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