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Cool Breeze Rentals offer a range of Fan Forced Heater options to suit all projects

Cool Breeze Rentals offers a range of Fan Forced Heaters in both gas and electric options in varying sizes. Electric Fan Forced Heaters are available in sizes ranging from 2kW - 30kW. Electric Radiant Heaters are available in 1.5kW, 2.4kW and 3.0kW and the Gas Fan Forced Heaters are available in 300m3/hr right up to 850m3/hr. These popular heaters are suitable for a range of environments and applications from industrial and manufacturing to events, parties and more.

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LPG Jet Fire Heaters

Cool Breeze Rentals provide a range of LPG gas powered Jet-fire heaters for rental / hire and sale. We offer numerous models to suit your requirements each with a compact safe design and variable heating and safety shut down features.

21Kw Electric Fan Forced Heater

The 21kW electric fan forced heater is the mobile compact high performer of the heating range. It boasts a high output through a centrifugal blower that incorporates a single speed fan which provides a continuous flow of air at relatively low noise levels.

23Kw Electric Fan Forced Heater

The 23kW electric fan forced heater is the optimal way to provide large volumes of heat into a designated area. They are a custom designed product for temporary situations and are unique to Cool Breeze Rentals.

2kW Micro Furnace Heater

The 2kW Micro Furnace heater is a great rental and hire option. Its designed with safety and high output in mind as it offers a thermal backup fuse, cool touch housing, a ceramic disc heating system and an electronic thermostat.

CBR Electric Fan Forced Heaters

The Cool Breeze Rentals range of Electric Fan Forced Heaters offer great heat output from an easy to use compact and portable heater. The CBR Electric Fan Forced Heaters are available for hire in 6kW, 9kW and 17kW and they are a durable and versatile product able to be wall or floor mounted.

Tiger Electric Fan-Forced Heaters

The TIGER series, electric portable fan forced heaters ranging from 2 to 30 kW. The robust design makes them suitable for use in workshops, garages, building sites, industry and mines.

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