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23Kw Electric Fan Forced Heater

Where to Hire / Rent or Buy 23Kw Electric Fan Forced Heater


The 23kW electric fan forced heater is the optimal way to provide large volumes of heat into a designated area. They are a custom designed product for temporary situations and are unique to Cool Breeze Rentals. They offer a fan speed controller, an easy plug and play three phase connection and a protective grille over the outlet of the heater. Cool Breeze Rentals provide a range of rental heaters to suit your structure size or requirements so contact us today on 1300 885 188.

Model 23kW Fan Forced Heater
Power Required for Heater 30amps @ 415 Volts
Power Required for Fan 3.4amps @ 240 Volts
Fan Speed 20 revolutions / second
Duct Size 570mm x 570mm
Duct Section Length 600m
Fan Airflow (L/S) 2500 @ 0 Static Pressure
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