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Cool Breeze Rentals offer Patio / Mushroom Heaters and Jet Fire Heaters to suit all applications

Patio and Jetfire Heaters are very effective options for outdoor heating and are both available for hire and sale. The Patio Heaters offer great heating capacity for your general heating application and are available in a nice sleek design with stainless and other finishing options. They can be positioned exactly where the heat is required and are popular for events, parties, retail, hospitality and functions. Cool Breeze Rentals provide a full service by offering supply and delivery plus a gas bottle cylinder change over service that’s not only competitive but prompt and fast.

Jetfire Heaters provide maximum heat and are compact and very easy to use. They provide the best value in terms of output and cost and are used for industrial purposes, events and parties.

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Gas Patio Heater Hire

Cool Breeze Rentals provides a wide range of LPG fan forced space heaters and LPG radiant heaters. Gas heaters provide controlled heating to factories, warehouses, events, parties and more. Cool Breeze Rentals are also able to provide all your LPG gas requirements.

Jetfire Gas Portable Heater

Jetfire Portable Heaters and Dryers are specifically designed to provide an instant, reliable and efficient source of heat to the industrial, agricultural, commercial and construction sectors. Their main applications include heating of warehouses, workshops, garages, factories, transport terminals, breeding sheds and greenhouses; they can also be used for drying and curing materials in the building, agricultural and other industries.

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